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A.A.S. Technical Studies

A.A.S. Technical Studies

Why Technical Studies?

This custom-designed program allows individuals to combine elements of various disciplines in a meaningful and logical sequence that meets their career goals. The Associate in Technical Studies addresses a recognized need for business and industry to attract highly trained workers with a variety of skills and to retain current workers.

Individuals may pursue this program of study for career advancement or increase in job responsibility or salary. Students work with an advisor to identify career goals and plan a program of study. Students enrolled in this program may earn Credit for Prior Learning for previous occupational experience.

Upon successful completion of the required courses, students will be awarded a Certificate or Certificate of Applied Science in their initial technical field of study and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Technical Studies.

Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate contextually germane communications skills (oral and written);
  • Use germane mathematics in problem solving and to communicate quantitative information effectively;
  • Demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and competencies of the certificate earned in the process of completing the AS in Technical Studies.
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Total Credits for Program Completion: 60

  First Year - Complete one of the Following     27-41 Credits Credits
C.A.S. Agriculture30(32)
C.A.S. Automotive Technology41
C.A.S. Entrepreneurship31
C.A.S. Meat Processing30(34)
C. Accounting27
C. Agriculture & Equine Studies27(28)
C. Basic Transportation Entrepreneurship28(29)
C. CDL15(+15 electives)
C. PC Maintenance Assistant27(29)
C. Graphic Design Assistant29(30)
C. Phlebotomy24(26)
C. Understanding Equine29(30)
  Second Year - Fall Semester     15(16) Credits Credits
Written Communication Elective3
Mathematics Core Elective3(4)
Basic MS Office3
  Second Year - Spring Semester     15 Credits Credits
Oral Communication Elective3
Internship or Elective3

Please refer to the the Current Catalog for specific program details.