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Placement Testing

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Miles Community College has a mandatory placement policy—students may only enroll into the courses that align with their placement. MCC uses multiple measures to determine the most appropriate placement for each student including high school GPA, previous college course work, ACCUPLACER scores, and/or ACT/SAT scores. Students must take a writing and a math course in their first year of enrollment (first term preferred).

  • All students start in the writing course required for their degree but may be required to enroll in varying levels of co-requisite support based on their placement.
  • All students on a math pathway that does not require algebra-based math will start in the math course required for their degree but may be required to enroll in co-requisite support based on their placement.
  • All students on a math pathway that does require algebra-based math may be required to take a prerequisite math course before enrolling in the math course required by their degree.

    Students may contact the Learning Center if they wish to challenge the following placements.

    • Writing course required for degree + studio co-requisite support.
    • Math pathway that does not require algebra-based math: Math course required for degree + co-requisite support.
    • Math pathway that does require algebra-based math: M 095: Intermediate Algebra + co-requisite support.

    Students may also be exempt from the writing portion of the ACCUPLACER test if they have scored a 3.5 or higher on the Montana University System Writing Assessment (MUSWA), a 7 or higher on the SAT Writing Essay, an 18 or higher on the combined English/Writing section of the ACT, or a 7 or higher on the Writing section of the ACT.

    Students who have successfully completed college-level mathematics and writing courses at an accredited college or university do not need to take the relevant portion of the ACCUPLACER placement test or provide test scores. All students must present reading test scores through ACCUPLACER, ACT or SAT, unless they have has already been awarded a two- or four-year degree from an accredited college or university. MCC's Admissions Office must receive official transcripts in order to extend these exemptions.

    Students who do not meet the requirements for exemption, which prove their readiness for college level work, are required to take the recommended courses in their first semester. Students who score below college-level on the Reading and Writing ACCUPLACER test will be limited to developmental coursework until they either complete and pass the necessary developmental class or improve their ACCUPLACER test scores.

    If you are taking the Accuplacer for an institution other than MCC, the cost for the full ACCUPLACER battery (reading, writing, and mathematics) is $15. Individual subject tests cost $10. Testing fees may not be deferred and must be paid before students test.

    Though ACCUPLACER is untimed, please plan at least one and a half to two hours to complete your ACCUPLACER testing. Please keep in mind the hours we are open when you call to schedule your ACCUPLACER testing appointment. To schedule, please call 406.874.6152.

    Sample ACCUPLACER questions are available on the ACCUPLACER website

    You may also download the free study app for the ACCUPLACER Reading, Writing, and Math tests at their website by providing an email address and creating a password.

    There is a "Learn as You Go" mode with instant feedback on each question you answer of a "Sample Test" mode to give you an entire test before scoring your answers.

    The MCC Learning Center is also an ACCUPLACER remote testing site. MCC students who cannot take the test at MCC should set up a remote test at an official ACCUPLACER testing center near them. These students will need to schedule their remote test through the MCC Learning Center, and Learning Center staff can help students determine the remote testing center nearest them. Students will be responsible for paying the ACCUPLACER testing fee to Miles Community College prior to course registration. To schedule, please call 406.874.6152.

    If unable to attend a remote testing site, students can pay an extra $40 fee to be tested virtually. Please contact the Learning Center at 406.874.6152 to set this up.

    Students needing to take an ACCUPLACER test for another institution should register through that institution, then schedule a testing time at MCC. A $5 remote testing fee is charged in addition to whatever ACCUPLACER fees are required by the home institution.