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College Success Initiatives

Students at Risk>
Student At Risk Process

The Student At Risk Report process is a faculty-driven intervention process that provides resource referrals for students experiencing academic difficulty in their MCC courses. Instructors submit a Student At Risk Report, which is then directed to Learning Center staff. LC staff then follow up with the student, communicating the concerns of the faculty member and offering resources such as tutoring, counseling, or disabilities support services. Reminders of important drop deadlines are also issued.

Students receiving a Student At Risk Report should take the process seriously. Early intervention and action can often mean the difference between passing or failing a course.

Faculty members having difficulty submitting Student At Risk Reports should contact Anne Anderson at 406.874.6151 or

GRIP Program>
Get a GRIP Program

GRIP stands for "Grade Recovery in Progress." First-time students placed on academic probation and all students placed on academic suspension will be required to enroll in the Get a GRIP Program. Get a GRIP is a voluntary academic support program for any other students concerned about improving their academic performance.

Depending on the needs of the individual students, Get a GRIP Program components may include mandatory tutoring, study table sessions, and regular meetings with academic advisors and GRIP Program staff.

If you have questions about the Get a GRIP Program, please contact Anne Anderson at 406.874.6151 or