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Pioneer Profiles: Meet Meet Andrea-Rose Black

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MILES CITY, MONTANA: An Accounting Specialist at Miles Community College’s Business Office for the past six years, Andrea-Rose Black first came to campus when she had a job at a local radio station.

“When I was working for KATL,” she says, “I would come to the college once a month to do a live broadcast of what was happening at the college, and I loved meeting the staff and faculty.”

She adds, “They always seemed to be happy working here, and I wanted to have that feeling.”

Black’s typical day involves processing invoices and writing checks, keeping funds flowing in and out of the Business Office.

Black’s position also gives her a chance to use her interpersonal skills. She describes herself as adaptable, compassionate, hopeful, strong, and tactful—all qualities that help her assist the students, parents, and staff who come to her window to complete transactions.

As a “Navy brat,” Black grew up all over the world, and her first job was as a swim instructor and lifeguard.

Black has always loved water; in fact, if she had followed her dreams, she would have become a marine biologist. Her ideal vacation involves spending time in the outdoors, “going camping on a river or a lake, and floating on a raft on a hot summer’s day.”

Life took Black to California and Colorado before she settled in Miles City, and she gained a family along the way.

“My first career was motherhood, and I raised five beautiful children to adulthood,” she says. “They each have their own families and it brings me great pride to see them enjoying life and their families.”

Black’s best advice to others is, “Life is short, and we do not know what tomorrow will bring us. Let things go and enjoy your life.”

Her next piece of advice reflects the reason she came to MCC after experiencing the atmosphere during her radio days.

“Enjoy those around you.”

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