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Pioneer Profiles: Meet Sam Giordanengo

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MILES CITY, MONTANA: Miles Community College Associate Dean of Instruction and eLearning, Sam Giordanengo, grew up in Gilroy, CA, where his first job was as a busser.

With twelve months at MCC under his belt, Giordanengo’s self-described “objective, realistic, straightforward, dependable, and decisive” qualities have served him well.

Giordanengo’s position, understandably, requires a significant amount of communication with online students, faculty members, and staff. His first three hours each day are often consumed by answering emails and attending meetings. Afternoons are just as busy for Giordanengo, with his time spent working on various projects and attending yet more meetings.

Though Miles City’s population is currently about one-sixth of his own hometown, Giordanengo enjoys working on a smaller campus.

“I like the small nature of the college and getting to know the students even though I am not an instructor,” he says. “We have some very dedicated students who make the college what it is.”

So far in his career, Giordanengo is proudest of earning the academic rank of Full Professor of History. If he were not in his current position, he would most likely be teaching.

When asked for his best piece of advice, in fact, Giordanengo turns to history, quoting civil rights activist Malcolm X, who urged that “young people, especially nowadays, should learn how to see for yourself, listen for yourself, and think for yourself. Then you can come to an intelligent decision for yourself--” words that reflect Miles Community College’s core goals of fostering community engagement and promoting lifelong learning.

Giordanengo's dream adventure is to go scuba-diving in exotic locations like Belize, Bora-Bora, Fiji, and Guam.

In the meantime, in his spare time, you can find him diving into gardening in his backyard.

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