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Pioneer Profiles: Meet Jerry Olson

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MILES CITY, MONTANA: Jerry Olson grew up in Barrett, Minnesota, and his first job was delivering newspapers.

Currently in his sixth year as Miles Community College’s Athletic Director, Olson still spends his time spreading the word about upcoming campus sporting events, as well as coordinating all that goes into making an event happen.

A typical day finds Olson coordinating athletic fundraising and preparing for game days, including hiring referees and organizing student volunteers to staff the Centra entrance and assist in other ways during events.

In fact, Olson states that his favorite part of working at MCC is working with the students, followed by his respect for the MCC faculty and staff.

“Working with everyone at MCC is very enjoyable as everyone has the student’s best interest at heart,” he says. He considers his greatest career achievement his “impact on student/athlete lives.”

Describing himself as “outgoing, motivated, friendly, and easygoing,” Olson loves golf, but admits the game is a challenge. “I suck at it,” he laughs.

Olson’s always wanted to have the experience of being a coach at the Division Basketball Final Four.

His best piece of advice? “Live each day,” he says. “It can be taken away very quickly.”

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