Starting the week of 1/31/2011 completed the week of 4/4/2011. The series will run about 10 weeks.
Audience: MCC Students, Faculty and Staff Community members
Scheduled Showings: The American Heritage Series - Discover the forgotten and astonishing story of our nation�s foundation in the American Heritage Series. For centuries, Americans were taught a truthful view of history that recognized the Godly heroes and moral foundation our nation was founded upon. But in recent years, a new version of history has assaulted the moral and spiritual fiber of our nation, leaving the truth of our past eliminated and forgotten. Until today. From Separation of Church and State, to the Civil Rights Movement, the heroism of our founding Fathers to the building of our nation�s monuments, this series will inspire every American to reclaim the Godly, true story of our nation. Join historian David Barton and experience the untold story of our nation�s history in the American Heritage Series.

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States of America

The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States of America
Historical Documents
Wall Builders Website
The American Heritage Series

Disc 1 -- Episodes 1-3  
  Why History Matters
Unearthing America�s Christian Foundation:
  Part 1
  Part 2
Disc 2 -- Episodes 4-5  
The Faith of Our Founding Fathers:
  Part 1
  Part 2
Disc 3 -- Episodes 6-8  
  The Ideas that Birthed a Nation
  Our Biblical Constitution
  Is America a "Christian Nation?"
Disc 4 -- Episodes 9-10  
Church, State & the Real 1st Amendment:
  Part 1
  Part 2
Disc 5 -- Episodes 11-13
  Influence of the Bible in America
How Pastors Shaped Our Independence:
  Part 1
  Part 2
Disc 6 -- Episodes 14-16
  When Religion Was Culture
  Faith in Our Early Courts
  Myths of the Judiciary
Disc 7 -- Episodes 17-19
Evidence of America�s Spiritual Heritage:
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
Disc 8 -- Episodes 20-21
Four Centuries of American Education:
  Part 1
  Part 2
Disc 9 -- Episodes 22-24
  Great Black Patriots
  From Bondage to the Halls of Congress
  The Civil Rights Movement
Disc 10 -- Episodes 25-26
  The Assault on Judeo-Christian Values
  The Duty of a Free Citizen