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Associate of Arts at MCC

The Associate of Arts Degree program is designed for students who expect to complete a degree at a four-year institution in such areas as art, education, English, history, journalism, library science, pre-law, psychology, sociology, and speech.

Students who earn their Associate of Arts degree at Miles Community College will demonstrate:

  • The ability to read, write, listen, and speak effectively
  • Knowledge and understanding of the human cultural traditions as expressed in art, music, theater, language, literature, philosophy, or religion
  • The ability to apply mathematical principles and to communicate quantitative information effectively
  • The knowledge and application of scientific principles, methodology, terminology, questioning, and reasoning
  • The ability to understand, interpret, and analyze human behaviors with the context of history and the social sciences
  • The knowledge of and the ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • The knowledge of and the ability to use technology in today’s computing environment

The curriculum gives students a broad educational background in liberal arts with emphasis on humanities and social sciences. Students should consult the catalog of the institution to which they expect to transfer and should select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor.

First Year—Fall Semester Cr. Hrs. First Year—Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
WRIT 101 College Writing I 3 WRIT Written Communications Core Requirement 3
CA 111 Interpersonal Communications 3 HU Humanities Core Requirement 3
  or   MA Mathematics Core Requirement 3(4)
CA 112 Public Speaking (3) SS Social Science Core Requirement 3
HS History Core Requirement 3   Elective* 3
HU Humanities Core Requirement 3   Total: 15(16)
SS Social Science Core Requirement 3      
PE Physical Education Core Requirement 1      
  Total: 16      
Second Year—Fall Semester Cr. Hrs. Second Year—Spring Semester Cr. Hrs.
HU Humanities Core Requirement 3 SC Science Core Requirement 4
SC Science Core Requirement 4 PE Physical Education Core Requirement 1
  Electives* 9   Electives* 8
  Total: 16   Total: 13
Total Hours in Program—60 (61) Course Descriptions
* Electives may be any courses but should be selected in consultation with an advisor and/or the college to which the student intends to transfer.

Core Requirements

All general associate or arts degrees awarded by Miles Community College contain a required number of hours in general education courses, called core requirements. The courses listed in each category are those which are acceptable to fulfill the requirements of that category. Students may then choose from additional elective courses to fulfill the entire 60 credit degree requirement.

Students who plan to transfer to four-year institutions should work closely with their advisor to appropriately match the core requirements of both Miles Community College and the transfer institution.

3 credit hours required from:

CA 111 Interpersonal Communication
CA 112 Public Speaking

Required course:

WRIT 101 College Writing I
3 credit hours required from:
WRIT 121 Introduction to Technical Writing
WRIT 122 Introduction to Business Writing
WRIT 201 College Writing II

Computer Education
CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers

Humanities and Fine Arts
9 credit hours required from:

AC 100 Theater Workshop I
AC 101 Representational Drawing/Painting
AC 131 Introductory Use of Pastels
AC 132 Introductory Use of Charcoals
AC 133 Introductory Use of Ink
AC 140 Oil Painting
AC 151 Photography I
AC 153 Photography II
AC 160 Ceramics
AC 200 Theater Workshop II
AC 221 Representational Sculpture
AC 231 Stained Glass
AC 232 Glass Mosaics
AC 233 Ceramic Tile
AC 238 Pottery: Hand Building
AC 239 Pottery: Wheel Throwing
CA 204 Creative Writing—A Writer’s Workshop
ED 111 Foundations of Art
HU 101 Introduction to Humanities
HU 105 Mideast Culture*
HU 110 Introduction to Religions*
HU 130 Introduction to Philosophy
HU 215 Ethics
HU 220 End of Life Issues
HU 225 Medical Ethics and Law
LIT 110 Introduction to Literature
LIT 120 Poetry
LIT 210 American Literature I
LIT 211 American Literature II
LIT 223 British Literature
MU 101 Voice I-A
MU 102 Voice I-B
MU 103 Banjo
MU 105 Piano I-A
MU 106 Piano I-B
MU 108 Chorus I
MU 109 Chorus II
MU 116 Music Appreciation
MU 119 Introduction to Music
MU 152 Beginning Guitar
MU 201 Voice II-A
MU 202 Voice II-B
MU 205 Piano II-A
MU 206 Piano II-B
SPNS 101 Elementary Spanish I*
SPNS 102 Elementary Spanish II*
3 or 4 credit hours required from:

MA 105 Contemporary Mathematics
MA 121 College Algebra
MA 122 College Trigonometry
MA 130 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MA 131 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
MA 151 Precalculus
MA 161 Survey of Calculus
MA 171 Calculus I
MA 172 Calculus II
STAT 216 Introduction to Statistics

8 credit hours required from:

SC 101 Principles of Biology
CHMY 121/122 Introduction to General Chemistry
CHMY 123/124 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
SC 111 Molecular and Cell Biology
SC 112 Biology of Organisms
GPHY 111/112 Physical Geography
SC 140 Weather Studies
SC 204 Anatomy and Physiology I
SC 205 Anatomy and Physiology II
SC 211 Introduction to Microbiology
SC 221 Human Nutrition
SC 231 Fundamentals of Physics I
SC 232 Fundamentals of Physics II

Social Science, Economics, History, and Political Science
9 total credit hours required
At least 3 credit hours required from:

HSTR 101 Western Civilization I
HSTR 102 Western Civilization II
HSTA 101 American History I
HSTA 102 American History II
HSTA 255 Montana History
HSTA 215 Post-WW II America
HSTA 250 Plains Indian History*
May also choose up to 6 credit hours from:
AN 210 Introduction to Anthropology*
ED 201 Child Development
PSCI 210 Introduction to American Government
PSYX 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology
PSYX 240 Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology
PSYX 260 Fundamentals of Social Psychology
SOCI 101 Introduction  to Sociology
SOCI 206 Deviant Behavior
SOCI 208 Introduction to Sociology of Globalization
ECNS 201 Principles of Microeconomics
ECNS 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECNS 205 Economics in the Real World

Physical Education
2 credit hours required

Students may take any Physical Education and Health Activities courses.
Course Descriptions  

*If you are transferring to a four-year college or university within the State of Montana you must take one of these courses to fulfill the Cultural Diversity requirement.

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